Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD) typically begins to strike after age 50; if you are 65+ there is a 25% chance you will be affected; if you are 75+ there is a 35% chance you will be affected. Many risk factors have been found to be related to AMD:


  • AGE: The likelihood of developing AMD increases with age.

  • RACE: AMD is more common in Caucasians, but occurs in all races.

  • FAMILY HISTORY: Those with immediate family members who have AMD are at a higher risk of developing the disease.

  • PIGMENTATION: AMD is more common in lightly pigmented people.

  • IRIS COLOR: People with more lightly colored irises are more likely to develop AMD.

  • GENDER: Women seem to be at greater risk .

  • SMOKING: This has a strong association with the worst forms of AMD.

  • EXPOSURE TO UV LIGHT/SUNLIGHT: Those with lifelong outdoor careers or hobbies, living near the equator and at high altitudes are at greater risk.

  • HPYERTENTION, HEART & CIRCULATORY DISEASE ATHEROSCLEROSIS: People with these conditions are at a higher risk for developing AMD.

  • MYOPIA: High degrees of myopia may be associated with AMD or a similar condition called myopic degeneration.

Risk Factors for AMD

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